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League Officials



President: A.J.CROOK Tel: 01706 631996

Chairman: I.A. PICKLES Tel: 0161 688 0786

Vice-Chairman: J. WALTON Tel: 01925 754552

Hon. Secretary: R.I. HINCHLIFFE Tel: 0161 773 4145 (Home), 0161 219 6528 (Work), 07791 856271(Mob), Fax: 0161 274 7103 (Work), e.mail - (Work)

Hon. Treasurer: B.FOGG Tel: 0161 796 0148

Hon. Asst. Secretary: P.H. SCOTT Tel: 0161 223 3693

Hon. Umpire's Secretary: P. CARTER Tel: 0161 320 0503, 07817 803768 (Mob), (email)

Hon. Assistant Umpire's Secretary: A. NAYLOR Tel: 0161 366 0960, 07868 903041 (Mob), (email)

Hon. Auditor: S. PRICE

Hon. Legal Adviser: R. DAVIES

Hon. Secretary Umpire's Association & Umpire's Representative D. BARDSLEY Tel: 0161 303 9369

Press Officer: J. WALTON Tel: 01925 754552

League Team Managers:

Senior - R I HINCHLIFFE (Details as Hon.Secretary)

U-18 - P. CARTER, Tel: 0161 320 0503

U-15 - S. BERRY, Tel: 07766 072075

U-13 - D, WILLIAMS. Tel: 07733 884776

League Team Selection Committee: Captain, Manager, Secretary, Umpire's Secretary & Messrs. P.H. SCOTT & R R BUCKLEY

Management Committee:

President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary, Umpire's Secretary, Assistant Umpire's Secretary, Umpire's Association Secretary, League Welfare Officer, Mrs H.J. Hinchliffe, Mrs S Wharton and Messrs. M,K. Akin, A. Atherton, A. Aves, R Baker, K Chadwick, I Dyson, J Ellis, J Foxall, A Garlick, S Grey, P Hamer, I Heywood, S Higson, S Kenyon, B Kitchen, B Lorenzini, R Mays, P McGladdery, M Mir, M Murphy, M Rather, G Senior, P Spencer, N Stanyard, and A Walton.

Executive Sub Committee:

President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary, Umpire's Secretary, Umpire's Assistant Secretary, Umpire's Association Secretary, League Welfare Officer, Coach Education Officer, Ground Inspection Committee Secretary, Junior Competitions Secretary and Mr A Walton (Dinner Committee).

Development Sub-Committee:

I A Pickles (Chairman), A Naylor (Secretary), P Carter, S Kenyon, P H Scott, A Walton and J Walton

League Welfare Officer: P McGUFFOG - Tel: 07769 900341

Coach Education Officer: S.W. HAMPSON - Tel: 07814 646376

Youth Cricket Committee: P CARTER (Chairman), S BERRY (Secretary), B. FOGG (Treasurer)

Ground Inspection Committee: I.J. Dyson, B. Fogg, P Carter and P J Hornby

Annual Presentation Dinner Organisation Committee: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, M Speddy and A Walton.

League Scout: Bob Hinchliffe (see Secretary)

LIFE VICE-PRESIDENTS: A.J. Crook, G. Crowther, A.T. Sutcliffe


J Castle, A.J. Crook, G. Crowther, C Rook, Gary Yates and Geoff Yates


R. Austin (Prestwich)

A. Aves (Denton West)

T.F. Birtwistle (Prestwich)

A.J. Crook (Thornham)

J. Hammond (Cheetham Hill)

Mrs. H.J. Hinchliffe (Prestwich)

R.I. Hinchliffe (Prestwich)

P.J. Hornby (Woodbank)

J. Hughes (Roe Green

R Jones (Roe Green)

L.J. Kay (Woodbank)

A. Lake (Denton West)

B.A. Lorenzini (Prestwich)

C.S. Lowndes (Denton West)

S.J. Mayall (Woodhouses)

K McMahon (Thornham)

W. McWilliams (Denton West)

I.A. Pickles (Woodhouses)

E. Senior (Denton West)

M. Speddy (Thornham)

N Stanyard (Roe Green)

A.T. Sutcliffe (Thornham)

M.H. Thompson (Glossop)

A. Urmston (Denton West)

R Wolstenholme (Roe Green)

G. Yates (Irlam)



1994 to 2000 - P. Cope

2001 to 2003 - J. Hempstock

2004 to 2007 - D. Johnson

2008 to date - A.J. Crook


1994 to 2007 - A.J. Crook

2008 to date - I.A. Pickles


1994 to 1999 - J. Hempstock

2000 to 2005 - G. Yates

2006 to 2007 - I.A. Pickles

2008 to date - J. Walton

Hon. Secretary:

1994 to date - R.I. Hinchliffe

Hon. Umpire's Secretary:

1994 to 2012 - R.R. Buckley

2013 to date - P.Carter

Hon. Treasurer:

1994 to 1998 - A.T. Sutcliffe

1999 to 2013 - B.C. Dean

2013 to date - B. Fogg

Hon. Assistant Secretary:

1994 to 2001 - J.C. Fidler

2002 to date - P.H. Scott

Hon. Assistant Umpire's Secretary:

1994 - J.B. Thomas

2013 to date - A.Naylor

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